OSFA: Seniors, children, sport injeries, workman's comp  

Orthopedic Surgery of the Foot and Ankle
Sarah E. DeWitt, MD

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Coronavirus COVID-19 update (June, 2021)

Clinic guides:

  1. All patients wash hands when they arrive and when they leave
  2. If you have a fever, cough (that is not seasonal allergies) we request that you NOT come; but call if you need care (ie after surgery, in a cast)
  3. Vaccinated: Come on in.
  4. Not vaccinated: Call from car and we will put you in when a room is free.
  5. Family: One family member is welcome.
  6. Virtual appointments or e-visits:Every Monday we offer telehealth visits; not all problems are appropriate for telehealth. Your copay will be the same. On the links page, remove all the covid section (but keep telemedicine and link sections)
Telemedicine or E-visits:

Please see instructions in the Links page on this website (and of course our staff can walk your through this by phone)